Come Breathe With Us

Join us at The Yoga Barn for hot yoga classes and see the difference it can make to your body, mind, and spirit.

Live Life One Breath at a Time

Enjoy All Things Yoga at Our Studio & More

As the first hot yoga studio in the Annapolis Valley area, The Yoga Barn is dedicated to all things yoga. We provide warm and hot classes, sell yoga clothing and accessories, and host professional yoga workshops and teacher training programs. Operating out of a newly renovated, privately-owned 100 year old barn in Upper Dyke, The Yoga Barn is able to offer a wide range of yoga classes in a beautiful, spacious, and inviting atmosphere.

Special Offers

First time at the Barn is now $5.00

Upcoming Classes

Karma classes offered July 12 – August 23

Professional Accreditations

500 hours Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)

The Many Benefits of Yoga

So why try yoga? First of all, yoga offers many health benefits from increased circulation and muscle strength to improved flexibility, energy, and metabolism. Yoga can also be great for those who need to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. Essentially, yoga helps your body inside and out. At The Yoga Barn we offer a variety of warm and hot classes. Hot yoga provides its own unique benefits that we take full advantage of at our studio. Join one of our classes to see for yourself.

Why Visit the YOGA BARN?

You know the benefits of yoga. So why choose The Yoga Barn over other studios? First and foremost, our mission here at The Yoga Barn is to create a fun, light, and loving environment for the community to get together and breathe. We strive to not be too serious and ensure every “body” and everyone feels welcome. The Yoga Barn is also the only studio in the Annapolis Valley area to sell Jade Yoga™ mats and Funky Yoga products.


See what hot yoga classes we have to offer and the benefits they provide


Find yoga mats, props, and clothing at our small boutique inside the barn


Update your yoga knowledge and experience through workshops and teacher training